AP World History Modern

This page will be a continual work in progress. I plan on organizing and posting many of the activities and resources that I have created, adapted, or used for AP World History Modern in the hopes they are useful for anyone who stumbles across the page. The nature of teaching is that few ideas are uniquely your own. As such, most of what I post can be credited to ideas I have heard, other resources I have found and adapted, or collaborations that have occurred in the past.

*Note: I have refrained from posting anything that is connected to any “secure” college board resources.

Unit 1: The Global Tapestry

Students create an annotated map, cover major CED examples, and finish with a practice SAQ.

Lesson on Song Golden Age that introduces causation, argumentation, and thesis writing.

Primary Sources and images I use to introduce sourcing and teach Chinese cultural diffusion.

Unit 2: Networks of Exchange

This twelve document DBQ helps replicate a Trial of Genghis Khan simulation in a single block.