Shanghai Coffee Shops

Initially, I was writing about coffee shops I visited as a part of individual posts. The idea was to feature the coffee shop where I did some of my writing. I decided to bring many of these coffee shops together on a single page so I could feature what some of my favorite ones have been. I wish I could write about all of them, but there are just so many. I definitely prefer the ones with comfy seats that lend themselves to a multi-hour stay and good dessert options that pair well with the coffee.

Gather Coffee (及咖啡)

1085 Pudong South Rd. (浦东南路1085号1层2室)

My wife and I have returned to Gather Coffee a number of times. Their raised “deck” of window-side seats (not pictured) are a really comfy place to spend a couple hours reading and relaxing. I have also been impressed by their desserts. Too often, desserts at bakeries in China look far better than they taste, but Gather Coffee’s desserts are rich, quality, and well worth it.

Gather Coffee is nearby a great shopping area and there are several great restaurants nearby too. Easy to plan a quick stop for an afternoon drink!

*I borrowed the picture of the inside of the shop from 点评。There were so many people inside I did not want to take a picture.

Coffee Commune (咖啡公社)

393 Yinxiao Rd (银霄路393号1层04) – Next to Decathlon, a few blocks south of Century Park

This coffee shop has a few locations around Shanghai, but I have only visited the LongYang Rd location (龙阳路店). We found it on accident, but I was pleasantly surprised by both the coffee options as well as the comfortable seats. I always prefer a coffee shop that is inviting to spend an hour or two in. As much as I love trying the small coffee shops around the French Concession or Xintiandi, so many of them are too tiny for relaxation. Coffee commune had some great roasts and excellent tiramisu.

Trung Nguyen Legend (越南中原传奇咖啡)

699 W. Nanjing Rd. (南京西路699号北方鑫大厦 101商铺)- Behind the Starbucks Roastery

Just recently discovered this place during Chinese New Year. Their tagline, “Coffee that changes lives,” sets high expectations, but they do an impressive job living up to them. They have Turkish, Vietnamese, and Italian coffee options, brewed and served according to the region. The Vietnamese egg coffee may not be as good as in Hanoi, but its still quite delicious. The seating is plentiful, the atmosphere welcoming and comfy, and the Vietnamese food is some of the best I’ve had in Shanghai. I’ll be back frequently.