Coffee Market & New Resources

There was a pretty awesome pop-up coffee market that we discovered today near the Bund. I cannot figure out why Crest seemed to be the “host” of the event. However, I was able to try a number of locally roasted coffees, my favorite being a rum-infused roast named “Mozart” by 云隐Coffee. Naturally, I bought some of the beans to take home.

We also found an all-day breakfast diner that made an awesome flat white. Their french toast made an excellent afternoon sweet treat. There were several cafe booths that I did not have a chance to try since I decided to stop at six coffees for the afternoon.

New Resource Pages

I decided today to add a couple new pages to the blog. I am sure it has nothing to do with the burst of energy that so much caffeine gave me today. One page will be for AP World History Modern and the other will be for my thematic US History course. They will be “under construction” for a while as I reformat, update, and eventually post resources that I have created or adapted. Hopefully they can offer some support or the spark of an even greater idea to someone.


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